Part-time and Continued Education

NCRTVET College offers a variety of Part-time programmes, Short Skills Programmes in the form of Learnerships, Internships or apprenticeships.

Part-time Programmes

A variety of part-time programmes are offered at all NCRTVET College campuses, providing adult learners and employed people with the opportunity to obtain a formal qualification, further their studies or do an enrichment course.

A part-time course entails that students can work or study full-time while attending the various classes in the evenings.


The changes within the education sector had the result that a new emphasis has been placed on learnerships, apprenticeships.

An apprenticeship is a non-unit standard based registered qualification governed by law. An apprenticeship comprises the integration of workplace and institutional learning while at the end of such training an individual that has completed it successfully, will receive a national qualification.

It is an agreement between an individual who needs a skill and wants to gain it and an employer who needs a skilled worker. Only 10% of the course comprises of the theoretical and technical aspects of the specific trade. The remaining time is spent learning the skills while under the supervision of a qualified tradesperson.

An internship on the other hand is work-related initiative:

  • It is aimed at individuals who wish to develop work experience in a specific occupational field;
  • It is a fantastic way to explore an industry;
  • Wonderful way of gaining experience; and
  • Excellent way to network and build contacts.

The similarity between learnerships, apprenticeships and internships is that practical work form the emphasis of the course content.


A learnership is a training programme that combines theory by an accredited training (in this case, NCRTVET College) provider with relevant practice on the job. The purpose is to present a student with the “ins-and-outs” of a specific occupation by practicing all its aspects under the supervision of an experienced and qualified person.

Learnerships are based on legally binding agreements between an employer, learner and training provider. This agreement is intended to stipulate the responsibilities and protect interests of each party while ensuring the quality of the training.

The Public TVET college sector offers many learnerships in partnership with various SETA’s, department of labour as well as commerce and industry. SETA’s that NCRTVET College does learnerships with on a regular basis:

  • Services Seta
  • MAPPP Seta
  • ETDP Seta
  • CETA Seta
  • ISETT Seta
  • Foodbev
  • AgriSeta
  • Theta
  • Inseta
  • LG Seta
  • HW Seta
  • MerSeta


  • Easy accessible
  • Increased employment opportunities
  • Self-development and career pathing improved
  • Learn while you earn
  • It is a formal qualification
  • Development of current employees can be fast tracked
  • Unemployed learners can enter industry through leanerships