Legal Secretary

What will you study?

This qualification has been developed to enable learners who are particularly interested and talented in an occupational/ vocational area to develop competencies as a legal secretary, which will enable them either to study further or to be employed and be productive in the sector at entry level and/or second tier level. This qualification is aimed primarily at giving the learner technical, theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and workplace knowledge and skills required in their chosen occupational/vocational area.

Available At:



Grade 12


6 Months per Semester
Semester 1-3 = 18 Months
18 Months Practical

Career Posibilities

  • Executive Assistant
  • Private Secretary
  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Clerk


First Semester N4

Information Processing
Entrepreneurship and Business Management
Office Practice

Second Semester N5

Information Processing
Legal Practice
Office Practice

Third Semester N6

Information Processing
Legal Practice
Computer Practice N4
Office Practice

Subject Contents

Information Processing

Information Processing equips the student with the necessary skills to utilise the computer and to attain keying-in excellence, to develop accuracy and speed for the successful operation of an office. It involves the creation, editing, manipulation, storage and printing of text with the help of a word processing programme.

Computer Practice

Computer Practice enables students to utilise the computer and peripherals functionally and to apply software application programs independently and with confidence in an office environment.


Communication equips students with the necessary verbal and non-verbal communication knowledge (theoretical) and skills (practical) to function effectively.

Legal Practice

Knowledge of legal matters, policy, theories and case studies. Understanding of contemporary business, politics, sociology and ethics/morality. Professional expertise in law, including command of technical language.

Office Practice

Office Practice provides secretarial students with the required knowledge of the secretarial career and with the practical skills in office procedures, to perform with self-confidence the functions attached to the post of secretary and eventually the post of management assistant.

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