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Easy Steps to Enrolment

Everything you need to enrol at NCR TVET College


Gather these Documents

Your South African ID and

Latest Academic Results

IDs of parents and/or guardian (or death certificate where applicable)

IDs of each person living with you in your home

Pay advice/letter of employment/pension advice (not older than three months)


Download and Complete

Download the consent form, complete with your parent/guardian’s signatures. 

Consent Form

If you have a disability, please download the Disability Annexure A and fill it in.

Disability Form


Visit Campus

Visit your nearest campus and complete the Campus Application Form.

Application Form

Complete an easy aptitude test to find the correct career path.

Hand in the Documents from Step 1 & 2

Apply for the course of your dreams.



Future Student

If you’re a high school student, or the parent or supporter of someone still in school, we’ve collected all the information and tips you need to find the right course, campus or study mode for your first NCR TVET experience. Please visit the courses section to see all we have to offer.

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NCR TVET College
and Information

NCR TVET College In Numbers


Subject Pass Rate


Male/Female Students


Work after Study


Financial Aid Given

Learnerships and Part Time Education

Part Time Courses

NCRTVET College offers a variety of Part-time programmes, Short Skills Programmes in the form of Learnerships, Internships or apprenticeships.

A variety of part-time programmes are offered at all NCRTVET College campuses, providing adult learners and employed people with the opportunity to obtain a formal qualification, further their studies or do an enrichment course.

A part-time course entails that students can work or study full-time while attending the various classes in the evenings.


Learnerships combine a structured learning component with practical work experience that is acquired while being employed in a company, government department or small business. Learnerships are available to people who have left school, college or other training institutions after completing some formal education.

More Information

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Meet Our Students



“I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at NCR TVET College, and not at any other private or public schools.”



“I was a little shy before enrolling at NCR TVET College, but being in constant interaction with students from all around the country made me become much more outgoing.”



“NCR TVET College provide a lot of useful information, not only from textbooks, but also in regards to the criteria of the exams and several useful tips to help us study.”



“NCR TVET College was recommended to us and we instantly liked it. I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact that the lecturers are really close to the students.”

Events and Calendar

Academic Calendar

Sports Leisure Calendar