Upington Campus

1 Steve Naude Street, Upington, 8800

054 332 4711

054 332 4958

Message from M Nel

Dear Student

 Your future awaits!  We have the key in helping you to unlock your potential on all levels of life.  We will assist you in developing skills and values to become a productive and responsible citizen of our beautiful country.

Student activities at Upington Campus

The Student Representative Council in co-operation with Student Support Services organise an annual Mr. & Miss Upington Campus, a Valentine’s day activity and celebrating of cultural events.

Unique facilities at Upington Campus

Four well equipped workshops, electrical, automotive, fabrication and fitting & turning.
Well maintained sport grounds: cricket, soccer and netball
Resource Centre and Office simulation room

Different Sport disciplines at Upington Campus


  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Netball

Number of teaching staff


  • Two Heads of Department:
    Business and Engineering
  • Two senior lecturers
  • Twenty one lecturers

Capacity of campus:


± 700 full time students
Hostel accommodation: ± 100 residents

Ten reasons why a student should study at Upington Campus

  • The Campus have qualified lecturer subject specialists, willing to walk the extra mile.
  • Upington Campus have modern, equipped facilities and beautiful gardens.
  • Well maintained sport grounds, cricket, soccer and netball courts.
  • The Campus hosts a constructive and safe study environment and safe parking.
  • The Campus have three hostels which can accommodate hundred students.
  • Student activities on Campus: Mr & Miss Upington Campus, Valentines and Cultural days.
  • Annual prestige event: Diploma Ceremony.
  • A variety of vocational and ministerial study programmes.
  • Resource centre and office simulation room for practicals.
  • Student support unit for support with FSFAS applications and study interventions.