Our second semester kicks off with subjects heads from our 5  campuses meeting in Upington to standardise question papers. The goal is to have one paper that meets all the standards set by the Department of Education. If you are not familiar with how question papers are developed we will explain this process in more detail.

The Department of Education develops all question papers for the final exam in each level. This means the question papers go through a moderation system to ensure its fault free and covers every aspect of the work covered.

The class tests and Internal Examination is left for development by the college staff. In the past each lecturer developed their own paper and was moderated by another lecturer at the same campus.

This resulted in different standards at different campuses because the test papers were different.

This year Mrs Diederick’s Deputy Principle of Academics implemented a new system that will ensure question papers across our campuses are the same. Not only will we be able to compare our students on a college level but we ensure the quality of the question papers.

Lecturers with the best results will oversee the development of the paper while another specialist in the field will moderate the paper.

The meeting was a great success and all subjects heads are on board.

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