Pre-Vocational Learning Prgogramme

What will you learn?

The Pre-Vocational Learning Programme will give learners who passed Grade 9 the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. The programme has the aim of improving the skills of the students to give them a chance of admission to the National Certificate Vocational programmes offered at TVET Colleges.

The programme is financed by the DHET and therefore students do not need to make a payment with regards to enrollment. No accommodation and transport will be included.

Students need to report to campus with their Grade 9 results before the registration and the approval process will then be finalised. Please note that no Grade 12 learners will be accepted for this programme. This only applies to students who passed Grade 9.

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Grade 9


1 Years

Subject Contents

Life Orientation

Life Orientation is the study of the self in relation to others and to society. It addresses skills, knowledge and values about the self, the environment, responsible citizenship, a healthy and productive life, social engagement, recreation and physical activity, careers and career choices. Computer Practice enables students to utilise the computer, including the mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor, external drives and to apply software application programmes like Word and Excel independently and with confidence in an office environment.


Maths includes a solid understanding of algebra, calculus, and statistics concepts.


In the physical sciences there are many skills that you need to learn. These include working with units, basic mathematics skills and laboratory skills.


Language includes literature, composition, grammar, and vocabulary. Students should also demonstrate clear, grammatically-correct writing.

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