What will you study?

A welder fuses metal components to form a final product that meets a client’s request. They need physical strength and proper skills to manage hazardous and heavy welding equipment. Welders are employed in a myriad of industries, including construction, steel, aerospace, and motor vehicles, each of which may depend on their level of expertise.

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Grade 12 with
Maths + Science


N1 to N3
= 1 Year

Career Posibilities

  • Tack Welder
  • Welder/Fitter
  • Welder Helper
  • TIG Welder
  • Welder Instructor
  • Pipe Welder
  • Nuclear Welder
  • Underwater Welder
  • Rig Welder


First Trimester

Mathematics N1
Engineering Science N1
Metal Trade Theory N1
Plating & Structural Drawing N1

Second Trimester

Mathematics N2
Engineering Science N2
Welding N2
Plating & Structural Drawing N2

Third Trimester

Mathematics N3
Engineering Science N3
Welding N3
Plating & Structural Drawing N3

Subject Contents

Engineering Science

Engineering Science teaches scientific principles, the use of correct science terminology, application of SI units, use of symbols, formulas and abbreviations.


The content is presented with an engineering approach in conjunction with a highly supported integrated dimension for the other three subjects that follow. The mathematical subject provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding and enhance practical skills in a work environment.


This course will focus on gaining competency in FCAW and GMAW application on ferrous steel plate in the flat, horizontal, vertical, up, and overhead welding position. Students will weld on steel plate and other common materials using the proper welding techniques on butt, lap, tee, and corner joints in all four welding positions. AWS standards will apply for welds on butt, tee, lap, and corner joints.

Plating & Structural Drawing

Engineering Drawings teaches students to identify the function of engineering drawings, and interpret these drawings as an accurate and meaningful manner of communication.

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