N4 – N6

Once you complete this programme you will understand the principles on which the South African Economy is founded and have the skills to be an entrepreneur. This includes insight into the management environment in which the business functions to provide the characteristics and skills which are needed to start and successfully manage your own business, and also to have insight into the challenging world of entrepreneurship and the social responsibilities of entrepreneurs. You would also need to be familiar with the economic and business environment in which entrepreneurs function and to be able to prepare a successful business plan.


First Semester N4
Entrepreneurship & Business Management
Management Communication
Computer Practice
Public Administration

Second Semester N5
Financial Administration
Municipal Administration
Computer Practice
Public Administration

Third Semester N6
Entrepreneurship and Business Management
Cost And Management Accounting
Computerised Financial Systems
Financial Accounting


6 Months per Semester
Semester 1 to 3 = 18 Months
18 Months Practical

Career Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur
  • Sales
  • Bookkeeping
  • Administration


Grade 12 or equivalent

Stand a better chance to find work with this qualification


Public Administration

Public administration is the implementation of government policy and also an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil servants for working in the public service.

Computer Practice

Computer Practice enables students to utilise the computer and peripherals functionally and to apply software application programs independently and with confidence in an office environment.

Computerized Financial Systems

This subject provides the student with the necessary background to do Pastel Accounting and Pastel Payroll. The subject is presented in a practical and accessible manner.

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Entrepreneurship and Business Management studies the different aspects of starting your own business. It provides basic knowledge of how to draw up a business plan and all the necessary aspects needed for a business plan.

Sales Management

Office Practice provides secretarial students with the required knowledge of the secretarial career and with the practical skills in office procedures, to perform with self-confidence the functions attached to the post of secretary and eventually the post of management assistant.

Management Communication

Studies the different disciplines of communication, motivation and self-image as tools in the organisation. Practical activities are included, especially the writing of business communication documents.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting studies the basic accounting principles and its contra accounts. Students will have the skills to enter data from the journal to general ledger, cashbook and bank reconciliation. How to do the books of different organisations will be covered e.g. partnerships, public and private companies, corporations, etc.

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