Upington, Namaqualand, De Aar, Kuruman, Kathu

Rewarding excellence at the Northern Cape Rural TVET College

With royal flare and red carpet glamour, the Northern Cape rural TVET College paid tribute to academic staff members for their achievements in 2014. During a prestigious Award Ceremony on the 29th of September 2015 at the Kathu Campus, many lecturers were rewarded for...

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NCR TVET College students invades the workplace

After 1994 South Africa introduces policies and strategies, and created institutions intended to improve information about training needs and opportunities. These institutions were intended to plan for skills development, to radically expand the training available in...

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Northern Cape Rural Technical Vocational Educational Training College (NCR TVET College) se Kollege Raad het ‘n “EK KAN” veldtog van stapel gestuur om al die personeel van hierdie instansie te bemagtig en te motiveer om in die afsienbare toekoms die top kollege in SA...

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Vaktoets Sentrum Vir NCR TVET Kollege

NCR TVET Kollege is op die drumpel van groot geskiedenis – die oprigting van ‘n Vaktoetssentrum/Trade Test Centre by sy Namakwaland Kampus in Okiep. Navorsing rondom die ontwikkelingsbehoeftes asook die prioriteite van die regering in die Noord-Kaap (en die breë Suid...

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SEDA visits Upington Campus

On 24 July 2014 Mr. Francesco Pheza, business advisor of the local SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency) branch, conveyed valuable information to the N4 Human Resource Management students (Upington Campus) of the Northern Cape Rural TVET College in order to tach...

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Launch of the Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence

Programme Director Congratulate all the Ministers in attendance Members of the Executive Council Mayors and Councillors Private Sector partners EWSETA Representative Distinguished guests Ladies and gentlemen. The Northern Cape province is greatly pleased to be part of...

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Employers must provide posts for graduates to gain skills

South Africa has a scarcity of skills in key areas, including those highlighted by the recent construction industry survey. The government is aware of this and an aggressive training response is under way. The situation is not as dire as some may think. But it is...

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Standardisation of Question Papers

Our second semester kicks off with subjects heads from our 5  campuses meeting in Upington to standardise question papers. The goal is to have one paper that meets all the standards set by the Department of Education. If you are not familiar with how question papers...

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DHET FET College Bursary Scheme

Eligibility criteria for bursary application In order to be eligible to apply for the TVET College Bursary, a student must meet the following eligibility criteria: Only south African Citizens are eligible for this bursary scheme; A student must be registered or...

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De Aar

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