Engineering Fabrication

What will you study?

In Engineering and Related Design, the student will be exposed to the basic industrial environment, engineering principles and operations, as well as engineering systems, activities and processes. Fabrication of metal refers to the building of metal structures. This is done via a variety of processes such as cutting, bending, profiling, welding and assembling. Metals such as steel, aluminium and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals are used in the fabrication process.

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Upington Namaqualand Kathu


Grade 9


3 Years

Career Posibilities

  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Engineering
  • Metallurgical and Materials
  • Engineering
  • Boilermaking
  • Tool Making
  • Welding


First Year

Engineering Fundamentals Engineering Technology Engineering Systems Fabrication Life Orientation Mathematics Language (Afrikaans/English)

Second Year

Engineering Practice and Maintenance Materials Technology Engineering Graphics and Design (CAD) Fabrication Life Orientation Mathematics Language (Afrikaans/English)

Third Year

Engineering Processes Professional Engineering Practice Applied Engineering Technology Fabrication Life Orientation Mathematics Language (Afrikaans/English)

Subject Contents

Engineering Fabrication

This subject teaches different methods of fabrication including the use of triangulation, radial line and parallel line. Other aspects of fabrication that are covered include oxyacetylene cutting, arc welding, power machine cutting, bending and rolling of steel plates.

Professional Engineering Practice

Professional Engineering Practice introduces you to the code of ethics in the engineering world of work. It explains the engineering profession, its role, the role of engineering professional bodies, as well as the impact of engineering on both society and the environment.

Engineering Fundamentals

Students will be exposed to the basic industrial environment, engineering principles and operations as well as engineering systems, activities and processes.

Materials Technology

Materials Technology introduces you to the materials commonly used for components in the mechanical engineering field, capable of withstanding stresses that allow for innovative engineering design.

Engineering Practice and Maintenance

Engineering Practice and Maintenance is the research of new exciting systems to manage and control operations, such as fault-finding and solutions for mechanical and electrical equipment at a production plant.

Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology introduces you to a variety of engineering tools and equipment used in various fields of engineering and instructs you on how to use the tools and equipment correctly, accurately and safely.

Engineering Graphics and Design (CAD)

Drawings of single objects, assembling drawings and detail drawings, freehand sketches, isometric drawing, oblique drawings, computer environment for scale production drawings using a CAD program, printing CAD scale production drawings and management of files.

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