Enrollment starts 12 January at 10 AM


Career Support

The potential, keenness, adaptability and personality of the student are taken into account when support is given regarding techniques when job hunting, drawing up of a CV, interviewing, placement in the workplace and other relevant information concerning a career.

Leadership Development

Each campus has a well-structured, democratically selected SRC and class representatives. The mem- bers continuously have workshops/training to empower them in their respective portfolios.

Personal Support

This can include financial support, individual or group counseling and life skills. Each campus liaises with local Institutions with the purpose of assistance and support. Do not hesitate to consult the Student Support Officer at your campus.


The Language Policy of NCRFET provides for lecturing in both Afrikaans and English. Student: can do the examinations in one of the two languages. Take note that students who do not have full command of the mentioned languages will be supported by lecturers as long as it does not affect the lecturing time in class.


NCRFET follows a strict Code of Conduct for students. This will be issued to students during registration in January/July. Students must sign for it and follow the rules. Disciplinary steps will be taken against any student who does not comply with it.


At the end of their studies students may apply for a testimonial from NCRFET. Students who do not comply with the Code of Conduct of NCRFET, or do not complete the applicable workplace experience, cannot apply for a testimonial.

Campus Hours

Campus starts at 8:45 and ends at 15:00 every day. Certain campuses might have a different time structure for Fridays.

Vehicles and Parking

Students who visit the campus with own transport do so at their own risk. The College does not accept responsibility for damage caused to or loss of vehicles. We do not charge any parking fees. Pay attention to the following: Private students may under no circumstances park their vehicles on the reserved parking for the members of staff or visitors.

Class Attendance

The College is committed to extend a culture of learning amongst the students. The College Council expects a minimum atten- dance record of 100%. A minimum continuous evaluation mark for examination admission is expected in each subject. Students must abide by these criteria to gain admission to the examination, as agreed upon, on the registration documents and code of conduct received.
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Upcoming Online Courses

The Department of Higher Education is currently working on a new education module that will enable current and new students to access Online Course Material. The Northern Cape with its fast distances and broadband limitations provides some unique challenges. Keep visiting this page for updates on our progress.

Available Now

Our Business community – whether it is to rent one of our facilities for an event of business function, recruit a student, become involved in NCRFET College as a strategic partner or simply just finding out what our Innovation and Development Unit is up to. We are delighted that you are exploring a route to work with NCRFET College to develop your workforce through one of our many training programmes.


Technology Services

The NCRFET College has state of the art equipment that can only be found in large organisations. Because we have 5 campuses in the largest province in South Africa we have to push the limits to enable staff and systems to communicate on a network without any down time and latency. We have our own ICT unit that ensure technology work for us.

Campus Lab

NCRFET labs enable our students to study with the latest industry standard hardware and software. All our computer labs contain computers that are new and runs the latest versions of Office, CAD, Pastel and Adobe Software. We spare no expense in ensuring our students learn with relevant software that is required in todays Information World.


Campus Clubs

The NCRFET College have a vast variety of social clubs ranging from Choirs to Sports clubs like the Soccer and Rugby Club. To find out how you can sign up for any of these clubs speak to your local Student Support Staff.  We are looking forward to see you on the sporting grounds.

Health and Wellness

Wellness services at Northern Cape Rural FET College is a collaboration between the College and FAMSA. We believe that wellness should be a conscious choice and includes the areas of emotional stability, personal relationships and physical health. In addition to providing a variety of counseling services, we are committed to promoting the health and well-being of our students through a variety of programs and services.



The changes within the education sector had the result that a new emphasis has been placed on learnerships, apprenticeships. An apprenticeship is a non-unit standard based registered qualification governed by law. An apprenticeship comprises the integration of workplace and institutional learning while at the end of such training an individual that has completed it successfully, will receive a national qualification. It is an agreement between an individual who needs a skill and wants to gain it and an employer who needs a skilled worker. Only 10% of the course comprises of the theoretical and technical aspects of the specific trade. The remaining time is spent learning the skills while under the supervision of a qualified tradesperson.